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Apple is the most commonly eaten fruit worldwide.  It is also called magical fruit due to its excellent qualities.  It contains sufficient anti-oxidant and disease-fighting elements.

Consuming apples full of various nutrients makes you healthy and keeps your digestion healthy.  Consumption of apple increases your immunity.  Next we will tell you how the consumption of Top 11 apple benefits for the healthy body.

Consuming apples full of various nutrients makes you healthy and keeps your digestion healthy.  Consumption of apple increases your immunity.  Next we will tell you how the consumption of What apple benefits for the healthy body.

Benefits of apple for healthy body

1. Enhance beauty

Consuming apple reduces the black and white spots on your face.  Which brings glow to your face.  Also, by consuming it daily, the unnecessary fat present in your body gradually reduces, which makes you look attractive.

2. Control diabetes

Apple consumption reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes in the body.  The elements present in it fulfill the lack of glucose in the body.  You do not need to take insulin if there is enough glucose in the body.

3. Protect from alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a dangerous brain disease.  A research has found that drinking apple juice every day can save the problem of Alzheimer's throughout its life.  Consumption of apple protects the brain cells, so the risk of Alzheim is minimal.

4. Avoid stones

Consumption of apple is beneficial to prevent kidney stones.  If you have stone stones and eat apples every day, then you will get relief from the pain caused by stones.  Therefore, doctors also recommend eating apple in stone patients.

5. Reduce fat

Obese person starts many health problems like heart disease, diabetes, BP etc.  The fiber found in apple helps in reducing obesity, due to which the person is less vulnerable to dangerous diseases.  Also, the nutritional elements found in it strengthen the body.

6. Give relief in constipation

If you are suffering from constipation or gas problem, then apple consumption will prove beneficial for you.  The fiber found in apple gradually reduces the constipation of the stomach.  Apple marmalade is also beneficial for constipation patients.  There is a risk of many diseases in the body due to constipation.

7. Keep teeth healthy

Apples have fiber that keeps your teeth healthy.  Consumption of apples removes bacteria and viruses.  Also, the amount of spit in your mouth increases with the apple.  By eating apples, your teeth remain pyorrhea.

8. Strengthen bones

Calcium is abundant in apples.  For this reason, eating apple or drinking its juice every day strengthens bones.  The person who has strong bones feels less tired.

9. Effective for asthma patients

Asthma patients get a lot of benefit from the consumption of apple or apple juice.  Various researches have shown that apple is effective in preventing asthma attack.  The flavonoids found in it make the lungs strong.  Research has also proved that people who drink apple juice every day have very few lung diseases.

10. Strengthen the digestive system

Alkalinity found in apples helps in liver purification.  In addition, apple also controls the level of pH present in the body.  Due to which the digestive system of the person is strengthened.  By strengthening the digestive system, it increases its ability to fight diseases and keeps it healthy.

11. Reduce cholesterol

The problem of increasing cholesterol is becoming common in the changing lifestyle.  Due to this, even young children are falling prey to heart disease.  Eating apples or drinking apple juice can prevent rising cholesterol.  Doctors say boiled is more beneficial for heart patients.

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